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Refund Policy

  • Consultation fee of Rs 100 will not be refunded
  • You are agreeing to receive phone calls and emails related to recruitment.
  • If the candidate does not pay the consultation fee at one time at the time of interview, 50% of the salary will be charged.
  • Your job profile will not be deleted under any circumstances.
  • You are responsible for maintaining and updating accurate information and profile on the Website.
  • Taking part in the interview. The interview will be conducted at the given appointment time only at the given address. He himself will be responsible for the interview.
  • Online registration fee and counseling fee is not refundable.

100% Refundable Charge are below
Salary: ₹5000 - ₹ 10000 - ₹ 1000 (charge) (Fresher)
Salary: ₹10001 - ₹ 25000 - ₹ 3500 (charge)
Salary: ₹ 25001 - ₹ 50000 - ₹ 5000 (charge)
Salary: ₹ 50001 - ₹ 100000 - ₹ 24500 (charge)
Salary: above ₹ 100000 - ₹ 40000 (charge)

Terms For Refund:
  • Such and all additional administrative and/or court costs. Any excuse and/or conversation will do
  • If the candidate is not considered at the time of payment of portal posting fee then the fee will not be refunded. Receive fee. Proposed/joined the company.
  • Candidate has to pay the portal fee at “” befor going for interview.
  • Portal charge are not refundable if candidate attand interview and commited to join job,
  • No fee will be refunded if the job-seeker/candidate can attend more than 3 interviews in the concerned job field and does not want to join any organization.
  • No portal fee will be refunded if the candidate changes his/her mind or due to any personal reason

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